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101 Showcase: The exterior

Make sure your house looks good from the street.

Tip #34

Street appeal is what initially gains the attention of the buyer. How does your home look from the street? As with everything first impressions are crucial. If it looks good from the outside the expectation is that it will be just as good on the inside.

Make sure the driveway is clear.

Tip #35

Your driveway should be free of any kids’ toys and the bins should be out of sight.

Tidy driveway to create a good first impression.

Tip #36

The driveway is one of the first impressions so make sure it is cleaned and free of weeds (for paved or stone driveways). Your driveway and paths could benefit from a pressure clean and re-seal to really lift their presentation.

Keep a tidy letterbox.

Tip #37

Your letterbox should be numbered and kept free of any junk mail.

Make sure all fences and gates are secure.

Tip #38

Any front fence and gate should be secure, the gate should be well oiled and easily latched. Where possible a fresh coat of paint sets a nice early impression.

Mow lawns.

Tip #39

A neatly mowed, raked and edged yard is a must.

Prune and tidy and bushes and shrubs.

Tip #40

Prune and shape shrubs to complement your home and open up any potential views.

Remove weeds and spruce up the gardens.

Tip #41

Ensure gardens and hedges are manicured, if there is time then reseed pots and garden beds with annual colourful flowers. Fresh mulch can refresh garden beds and minimise any weeds re-growing.

Clean and repair gutters and roofing.

Tip #42

Clear gutters and repair any roof tiles or pointing that needs attention. Also ensure that your downpipes lead into the stormwater in accordance with council policy as this could show up in the building report.

Add a friendly welcome mat.

Tip #43

Invest in a new door mat that says ‘welcome’.

Give entrance doors a fresh coat of paint.

Tip #44

A freshly painted front door with polished fittings is a pleasing welcome to the home for buyers. Make sure that the door bell works and that all cobwebs have been cleared around the entry, facia and guttering.

Make sure all locks are working and have keys.

Tip #45

Make sure all locks work and doors and windows open freely. Have a spare set of keys cut for the agent and make sure they work.

Check fly screens for damage.

Tip #46

Check all fly screens are intact and replace any damaged ones.

Create an outdoor living area.

Tip #47

It is important to have at least one area dedicated to outdoor living. A major drawcard these days, your outdoor entertaining area can be nicely framed with a set table, an open umbrella and yje BBQ uncovered. Your aim is to have buyers imagining hosting their friends and family.

Refresh and decks or entertaining areas.

Tip #48

Any timber decks, railings or pergolas will benefit from a light sand and oil.

A clean pool sells the dream, a dirty pool signals maintenance.

Tip #49

Pools should be sparkling. Some buyers can see a pool as a maintenance headache, so presenting yours in pristine condition can give the impression that it doesn’t take a lot of work. To other buyers a pool represents a lifestyle. Sell the dream, have them visualising enjoying the pool and the area around.

Make sure the pool is up to local council safety.

Tip #50

Ensure that the pool meets the local council safety regulations. If a pool does not meet these requirements then it may affect any potential sales down the line. Being able to promote the pool as safe can be a great marketing tool.

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