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101 Showcase: Staging your home

Your selling a lifestyle, stage the home to show off that lifestyle.

Tip #29

Study home design magazines or real estate ads to find the small details that make rooms more appealing. Remember you are selling a lifestyle or a dream so things like an open book on the coffee table, a bottle of wine and glasses on an outdoor setting or logs set to burn in a fireplace can help sell this.

Add colour to a sterile room.

Tip #30

A sterile room can be dressed up with bright cushions, a vase of flowers or a throw rug, all of which can be taken with you to the next house so no need to skimp on the finish.

Hide unpleasant views, but don't prevent natural light from coming through.

Tip #31

Any unpleasant views should be hidden but always allow light into your rooms. Sheer curtains can achieve both goals.

Show off photos you have of the home.

Tip #32

Go through your old photos of the house and yard, try to select interesting shots including the home in different seasons, place them in an album and leave them out to allow buyers to flick through (or burn digital photos to a disk and have a slide show running on the TV). This will help the buyer build an emotional connection with the home.

Let natural light to pour through the home.

Tip #33

Allow natural light to flow into the home by having curtains and blinds drawn open and windows sparkling. As mentioned above, complement natural light by having lights and lamps on throughout the home.

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