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101 Showcase: Setting the mood

Remove any bad odours from your home.

Tip #19

A crisp clean smelling house will set the tone for the inspection, eliminate any odours from cooking, cigarettes, pets etc that may have an adverse effect on buyers.

Use air freshers or carpet deodorises to create a pleasant smell.

Tip #20

You can use products like carpet deodorisers, air fresheners or reed diffusers but the best strategy is to remove the source rather than mask it.

Get your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned to remove any stuck in odours.

Tip #21

If odours have permeated in the home, you may be best served by having your carpets, furniture and curtains professionally cleaned.

Keep your linen and towels clean.

Tip #22

Mildew smells are another no-no. Wet towels in the laundry or bathrooms can give the wrong impression. Keep your linen fresh and well aired.

Add pleasant smells such as flowers to your home.

Tip #23

Once any unsavoury smells are eliminated then it is a good idea to replace them with some positive ones. Fresh flowers, reed diffusers, cinnamon and scented oil burners are great ways to enhance the atmosphere in your home.

On a pleasant day open windows and let some air through the home.

Tip #24

If the weather is fine then open windows and let some fresh air flow through.

Have the home at a comfortable temperature for inspections.

Tip #25

Try to have the home a comfortable temperature for inspections. Show off the homes heating or cooling features – the effectiveness of these systems will impress buyers.

Have some background music playing to set the tone of the home.

Tip #26

Having some soft background music playing will help set the mood and sell the lifestyle of the property.

Try not to be present at inspections, buyers can relax more if the owner is not home.

Tip #27

Try not to be present on inspections. Buyers will feel more comfortable and will concentrate more on the home if the owners are not present when viewing. Without distractions of other people buyers can get down to the job at hand and start visualising living in the home.

Remove your pets from the home during inspections.

Tip #28

Remove pets* from the property during inspections. Some buyers can be wary of animals and it may prevent them from having a really good look at the property. *Never leave your pets unattended or locked in vehicles alone.

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