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101 Showcase: Kitchen

Declutter and clean kitchen benches.

Tip #62

De-clutter. Benches should be free of clutter and appliances as much as possible. The fridge should be free of magnets and notices.

Clean kitchen appliances.

Tip #63

Any appliances that remain out should be sparkling clean.

Set the scene for an inviting kitchen.

Tip #64

Set the scene with an open cook book, a basket of fruit (fresh or ornamental) or a mixing bowl and whisk.

Create pleasant aromas in your kitchen.

Tip #65

Create aromas that buyers will associate with happy homes. Where possible bake some cookies or a loaf of bread.

Clean and organise your pantry.

Tip #66

Clean, cull and organise your pantry and cabinets. Neat, organised shelves and drawers look much bigger and more adequate for buyers’ needs.

Are your window furnishings tidy and up to date?

Tip #67

Large cheerful kitchen windows are a massive advantage and need to be highlighted. Review the window furnishings, are they clean, sharp and up to date? Would the window look better without any window furnishings? Often family buyers will love a window that overlooks the yard so the kids can play outdoors while mum or dad are in the kitchen.

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